CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We aim to become the company that places value on environmental conservation while setting out the goal of occupational health, safety and environmental issues accompanying our business activities, taking systematic initiatives, and improving occupational health and safety issues.
With a clear awareness of the social role and responsibility of our business activities, we aspire for contributing to creating a sustainable society, not only complying with applicable regulations and corporate ethics, but also keeping continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees and local communities.


We fully recognize that thorough compliance with laws and social norms is the most important management issue. We have therefore devised internal compliance rule and structure for full dissemination to our officers and employees.

Compliance Structure

We have established an action guidance about corporate ethics and have set up a corporate ethics committee to promote, implement and monitor the action guidance. We have also formulated the Corporate Ethics Regulation that enables our officers and employees to practice that Regulation. Further, we have drawn up the Corporate Behavior Guideline to raise the awareness of our employees.

Privacy Policy

We have incorporated privacy policy in the Corporate Ethics Regulation and the Corporate Behavior Guidelines and we publicize the private policy within our officers and employees with making efforts toward the strengthening information management. Hence we enhance strict information management about creating, using, taking out, and safekeeping of the information.

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

In order to continue business activities, it is necessary to assume health, safety and environmental risks. We firmly recognize risk factors as total risk, and we are focusing on mitigating the risk factors through each risk assessment and realizing more positive effects on our business activities.

HSEMS (HSE Management System)

For occupational health, safety, and environmental issues accompanying business activities, HSEMS is considered as a management system introduced by many oil and natural gas companies. Most of our business is for oil companies, and our construction management regulations are made based on HSEMS. We are planning to build HSEMS and aiming to align with the management system of major oil companies.

We will promote HSE activities throughout the company with aiming for prevention of accidents and environmental pollution, mitigation of environmental impact, and reduction of occupational health and safety risks. We will strive to continuously review and improve HSEMS in a parallel way.